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Monthly Members have access to a personal as well as communal storage space. They can use the studio for up to 15 hours a week. The week starts on Tuesday and ends on Sunday every week. Unused hours cannot be rolled forward or used at a later date. We are closed on Mondays. 

Rolling Monthly Members must commit to a minimum of 2 months. To end this membership, please send your notice in writing to at least 7 days prior to the next payment. Failure to do so may result in your being charged extra months. 6-month and 12-month memberships do not renew automatically and simply expire at the end of the period. Monthly Memberships are paid monthly by credit card autopay. Membership deadline is strict. There are no suspensions or extensions to membership.



Sessions Members have access to communal storage space. There are no suspensions or extensions to membership.


Who can become a Monthly and Sessions member?

Anyone who is able to work safely and independently in the studio can apply to become a LUMP member. To ensure someone is able to satisfy this requirement, everyone must go through a simple assessment and orientation before they become members.


The assessment will check your ability to:

- wedge clay, and know why it is necessary

- when wheelthrowing, able to centre and throw

- when handbuilding, able to practice the basic methods of pinch, coil and slab

- when glazing, know where glaze can and cannot be safely applied, and able to practice simple dipping technique

We may also ask you how long you've worked in ceramics, what typical techniques you use, and to show samples of recent/past works. The only goal of the assessment is for us to ensure you are able to work independently and in a way that is safe for yourself, for staff and other members, and for everyone's works. We may carry out the assessment by email, by phone, or in person.

If you would like to become a member, but are not sure if you are ready and can pass this assessment, please contact us at BEFORE you purchase a membership online, as all purchases are non-refundable, even if you are not able to pass our assessment.


Included in the price

The membership fee includes the use of the LUMP Studio space, equipment & tools for making your own ceramics. Members may not use the space for giving/conducting free or paid classes. Members may use the studio anytime during opening hours, without pre-booking. All members have access to onsite technical support provided by the LUMP team. Completed pieces are charged a firing cost that recovers the cost of the clay, glaze, and electricity used during firing.

Activating your membership

When you purchase a LUMP membership, you accept LUMP Studio’s Terms & Conditions. First time members must also come into the studio to receive your free LUMP Orientation (about 30 minutes). Since you will be working independently, with minimal supervision, the orientation is to ensure you become familiar with the studio and know how to use it safely. It includes a quick tour of our facilities and an overview of our studio rules. After successfully completing the orientation, you can start working right away.  You must complete this orientation before you can start working. Orientation need to be booked ahead of time at


If there are facilities or equipment that you have never used, but are interested to learn (like our slab roller, or our plaster corner), please talk to our staff. Depending on the complexity, they can arrange a separate time to teach you how to use it, or to pair you up with an instructor for a private lesson. 


A cash deposit of HK$300.00 will be collected when you activate your membership.  The deposit will be returned to you when you terminate their membership, provided there are no damages and unpaid items.

Slab and plaster corner

Before using our slab roller and plaster corner for the first time, please get permission from our staff. Using these materials and equipment can be dangerous for those without the necessary experience. If you have no or little experience with these facilities or equipment, we may ask you to first take the necessary lessons to become experienced. You may request we organize these in the form of a paid private lesson for you.

Signing in and out

Members are required to sign in and sign out, as a way to keep track of the time used in the studio. The member should ensure they sign in/and out with all required information, every single time. Signing out needs to be co-signed by an on-duty LUMP team member. Any missing info or forgotten sign-in/out may cause LUMP to deduct a full day of studio time (11am-9pm, 10 hours) from the member’s account. The LUMP team is always available to help with any questions about signing in/out.

Ending your membership

If your membership is ending, you must clear your finished works and belongings on or before the last day of your membership, even if you intend on returning to the studio at a later date. If not, we may clear your shelf without any notice, and cannot be responsible for any loss or damage to works or belongings. 


Clay Class and Monthly Throwing Class

Make up class policy: Students are allowed to make up 1 out of the 4 lessons. The make-up lesson will be during one of the regularly-scheduled classes with the same instructor, within the following month, space permitting. The timing of the make-up lesson should be agreed directly with the instructor. We cannot guarantee a make-up class spot at the time of booking, but we will make every effort to make it happen.


How and when to request a make-up class: Please inform us as soon as possible, but no later than 1 week after the class you missed, by discussing directly with your instructor or phone/email the studio. We cannot entertain requests after that. 

Semi-Private Throwing Class

As students are provided 7 dates in which to complete their 6 lessons for this class, the Semi-Private Throwing Class does not provide make-up classes.


Studio hours

LUMP is open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-9pm. We are closed Mondays. Our studio hours are published on our website.


Closed business days

We are closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and the Lunar New Year public holidays (the first, second and third day of the new year). Generally, we remain open on all other public holidays, with shortened hours of 11am-5pm. However, this may change from time to time. It is best to check our Facebook page or call the studio at 2116 0865 for details about specific holiday hours. 


We reserve the right to make changes to our regular or holiday opening hours. These changes will be communicated on our website and through our social media. 


There may be a small number of days/hours when access to the studio is not available. The first weekend of December is the annual LUMP Christmas Ceramics Market, which all members and students are encouraged to participate in to sell their works. There may also be workshops, events, demos with special guests that may require the full or partial closure of the studio. In those cases, members will be given priority to sign up for those events, and sometime with an additional discount. There may also be 1-2 days a year when the space needs to be closed for promotional purposes or essential works, although we will do everything possible to avoid this situation. We will communicate all non-usage of the studio as early as possible. There are no refunds of money or time to members for non-usage of the studio.


Studio rules

A set of rules is posted in the studios. These rules secure the safety and comfort of everyone at LUMP, so all members and students are expected to follow them. If you do not follow these rules despite repeated requests, our staff may ask you to leave. If you are repeatedly violating these rules, we reserve the right to cancel your membership or class enrolment without a refund. We may also charge you and hold you liable for any damages suffered.


Everyone must use the materials provided by the studio, as they have all been tested as save to use. If you wish to bring in your own materials, glazes or any equipment into the studio, this must first be approved by the studio manager. We may require thorough testing to be done before you are allowed to use your own materials and equipment.


There is no smoking in the studio. Please refrain from smoking in the public areas of the building, including in the stairwell. Please go to street level to smoke.



LUMP is an open studio where makers work independently and with minimal supervision. Therefore, our classes and memberships are not suitable for those aged under 16. 


Communal space

LUMP Studio and its staff cannot be responsible for personal belongings or any work getting damaged, lost or stolen. In a communal studio such as this, it is inevitable that there will occasionally be work that gets damaged.


Best practice should be adhered to at all times when working in the studio and respecting others is key. When in doubt, please check with the LUMP team.


Firing cost

If something goes to firing, materials will be charged.


How firing costs are calculated for members and students are posted in the studio. Firing cost is for studio stoneware. Porcelain and some materials may result in a higher cost. 


The actual firing cost for members is posted on each piece. Members should pay the firing cost and take their works home as soon as they are fired. 


Collecting your works

When your works are fired, please pay the indicated firing cost and take them home as soon as possible. This helps us to recover our materials cost in a timely manner, and makes room for new pieces that are being made all the time. Mostly importantly, this minimises the chances of damage to your works!


For the studio to work it requires everyone to pitch in. When you use the studio it is best practice to do 15 minutes of cleaning where you have worked and in the communal areas. Clay dust is dangerous and can cause silicosis over time, so always wet clean any dry materials.


Kiln usage

Pieces that do not have signatures, are too thick, is not dry, or have runny glaze/glaze too close to the bottom will not be fired.


If a member is found to have caused damage to the kilns (i.e. explosion or melt down) or other equipment through improper use they may be liable for costs of repair and replacement. 


In particular, members and students must make sure their glaze do not melt on the kiln shelves during firing, as this may cause irreparable damage. We will charge members and students for the full price of replacing the kiln shelf.


Health & Safety

Members must complete the orientation before using the space. By completing the orientation, the members agree that they have understood everything covered in the orientation. It is also important that everyone respects all Health & Safety regulations, signage and instructions of the LUMP staff.


LUMP Studio cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused through the misuse of the studio or equipment. Food and open drinks should not be consumed in the working areas of the studio. In terms of fire safety, please be aware of our evacuation procedure.


We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any membership if any of the above points are not respected.


Inclement weather

When the Hong Kong Observatory announces that the typhoon signal no. 8 or above is planned to be hoisted, we will ask all students and members in the studio to leave as soon as possible, and the studio will be closed. 


In case of black rain, we will remain open to our members and students who are already at the studio. You will be able to stay here until the signal is lowered. 


In case the studio is closed when the typhoon signal no. 8 or above, or black rain, is raised, the studio will remain closed. The studio will reopen 6 hours after the signal is lowered, if that is during opening hours.


Classes will be canceled if typhoon signal no. 8 or above, or black rain, is hoisted 2 hours before start of class. Cancelled classes will be rescheduled. 



Members and students use studio equipment at their own risk, and are liable for any damage caused to the studio due to misuse, so please make sure you only use the equipment for which you are fully trained. As our studio is not child proof, we are open to those 16 years or older. 



There are no refunds on all payments made to LUMP. 



LUMP Studio will use your contact information to keep you informed of the latest LUMP Studio news. Students of LUMP classes may be contacted by LUMP instructors by email or phone in case of inclement weather, other last minute changes, and for planning make-up classes. LUMP Studio will not pass them on to any other third parties.


We may at any time modify these Terms and Conditions. We will notify you of any changes by emailing you and/or by posting a notice at the studio. By continuing to use the services after changes to these Terms and Conditions are made and notified to you, you agree to be bound by such changes. Please review the Terms and Conditions carefully and make sure that you understand them. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you must not become a member of LUMP Studio.

Refusal of service

LUMP Studio reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who is not able to abide by our terms & conditions, our studio rules, or whose presence interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons and the establishment itself.

Updated July 22, 2020